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View the Lowest Possible Chevy Camaro Price from local dealers with this insider process -- it's how to get the price not published in papers 

Introduction to the Process: The plain truth is that car salesmen deserve their poor reputation.  Sure, they are friendly, but behind the scenes all they see is money. Everybody knows the reason: The more money they can get out of you, the higher their commission. Sure they have a right to make a fair profit. But most of the tactics they use to get money are not fair and transparent. I should know -- I was a car salesman. This articles shows you the brain-dead way to get a fair price for a car.


About a year after I quit my job as a car salesman, I too, was cheated at a car dealership. I admit I did not follow this brain dead formula. Call it pride or overconfidence -- but car salesmen and women are good. Very good. If someone in the business could get cheated, it can happen to you. I'm sharing this information party out of revenge. But it's good advice. If this experience of mine did not happen, you probably would not know this easy process for getting car prices.


THE PROCESS: Power of Competition

Follow These Five Easy Steps to Make Dealers Compete 

Number1Gather information: If you do not know your credit score -- and you plan to finance a new car -- it is essential you obtain your credit report. Get your free credit report and score.

Number2 Get your trade-in value: If you are going to trade a vehicle in, it's highly recommended you get an independent valuation. Get your free trade-in value for your current car.

Number3 Get competitive pricing: Obtain online car pricing points from at least two dealerships -- use the free service to get competing prices from multiple dealers for car prices with NO obligation.

  • You will get an email with your car car prices.
  • Reply to the dealer(s) with the higher prices, and kindly tell them another dealer beat their price. 
  • The dealers with the higher prices will respond with a better deal -- and often with a much lower price.
  • Tip: Before you make an appointment, ask the dealer via e-mail or phone if the price you got on the Internet was the 'out-the-door-price.' These magic words will give you the price after dealer fees, taxes, rebates and incentives. 

Number4Financing: You should apply for a loan before you enter the dealership. If you have a good relationship with your bank, you should contact them for your loan. You can also get quotes from loan brokers: If you have a credit score above 620, apply for a loan here. If you have a credit score below a 620, you should apply here.


Number5 Independent Quotes: It is essential you obtain independent quotes on the following services. Too often the dealership charges too much for services you can obtain on your own. (Optional).